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Haarseth DP & Marine Services founded June 2015, providing

DP & Marine operation solutions for the Marine & Offshore industry.




Type of services:



Proving Trials

The FMEA is the most important techincal document as it describes the vessel's DP systems and failure modes.

This document should by minimum be read by engineers and DP operators.


A DP FMEA proving trials is a series of tests used to prove expected effects of failure modes found in the FMEA desktop analysis. These tests should also include the testing of interfaces between different vendor systems and equipment. These tests should be conducted immediately following launching of a new build vessel and following modifications, additions, and upgrades repairs



Annual DP


Annual DP trials are a series of tests made from the FMEA proving trials, to prove that the fault tolerance and redundancy conditions are relevant to the DP System.


These tests should be designed to prove system redundancy, as defined in the FMEA document, tests of performance and equipment functionality, to validate any repairs and preventive maintenance, and to demonstrate that the vessel’s DP system remains fit for purpose.


Vessel Inspections

I am accredited OVID inspector by OCIMF and Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) by International Institute of Marine Surveying, following the new IMCA Inspector Scheme.


Vessel inspection provided are:


  • OVIDs
  • CMIDs
  • Suitability survey
  • On/ Off hire



GAP Assesment

We do conduct GAP assessment of FMEA, DP trials, DP Operation Manual as per MTS Guidelines.


This DP Assessment usually includes a visit to the vessel to verify and close out the GAP's. After the visit a final report will be provided with the result of the assessment.






  1. Assist in Incident investigations as an independent 3rd party


  1. Provide DP related training to crew members and staff, coaching what "good looks like"


  1. Writing Activity Specific Operations Criteria's (ASOG/ASOC)


  1. Client representative on site at time of shipyard testing




DP Operations


Each vessel should have a vessel specific DP Operations Manual.


The IMO guidelines require DP operating instructions, checklists and test procedures to be included.


Class Societies may have different specific requirements to what a DP Operations Manual should include.


MTS DP Committee


I am a member of the MTS DP Committee, and this year I am the Technical Chair for the 20th MTS DP Conference.

The MTS DP Conference will take place October 11 -12, 2016 at the Westin Memorial City Hotel in Houston.

Link to the website for more information here



OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations and Institutions


The Marine Technology Society Dynamic Positioning (DP) Committee will be presented with this award for facilitating incident-free DP operations through sharing of knowledge. Comprised of a committee of dedicated volunteers, it provides vessel owners, operators, marine class societies, engineers, and regulators with valuable tools such as conferences and workshops. In addition, it shares extensive guidance documents covering DP design philosophy, operations, and professional development and has developed a growing set of unique documents called TECHOP, which address specific topics of significant interest and impact.

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